It hurts me to see

That I can’t be

The one you need

Because of she


I made myself blind

Thinkin’ things were fine

Then out of nowhere –

I get called out


Yeah I crossed the river

To TRUTH’S untold

the pain that

hit me

felt deep in my soul


I’m his WOMAN

That’s what she shouts

But I’m his EARTH

 I know his TRUE worth


I overstand

that she compliments the man

But I SEE the GOD

 I’m BUILT 4 the GOD


Throughout my life

I’ve been given gifts from the GODS

But am I now to SEE them

As nothin’ more than curses



Is not easy for the Earth to have

Especially without a GOD



How she expresses LOVE

Will always speak the TRUTH

How her essence brings about PEACE

How being this way gives the GOD his FREEDOM

How their UNDERSTANDING will be their JUSTICE



Freestyled for a moment

Have to excuse me

But TRU EARTH’S HEART is hurtin’


He knows all about me

Still kept the truth from me

Wanted me to See

What never could be

And so he selfishly

Gave himself to me


And I gave myself to him

Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically

Trusting that the GOD

Would always protect me


 Now here I am…

And there she is…

Because she’s his WOMAN

That’s what she shouts at me


But I’m his EARTH


He didn’t SEE my TRUE worth… 

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