ClassAction Hip-Hop Forum @ Lehman College…

For those that have been keeping up, it seems that as soon as the GOD tried to break my spirit

things just started popping off for me. I know one thing – no one will ever underestimate TRU EARTH ever again!!!

Any way… My student club is off and running! I have an amazing team of students here at Lehman College working with me to make sure ClassAction is a success. I am humbled by their support and energy. Amazing things happen when education, dedication and the passion for social change come together!

Right now, I’m planning a hip-hop forum on our campus. This will be a collaborative effort between all of the student clubs and organizations on campus… I have my wish list of guest speakers I would love to have at this event:



Afrika Bambaata and the Zulu Nation

Grand Master Flash

Erykah Badu

MC Lyte

Queen Latifah

Black Starr

Wu-Tang Clan

Boot Camp Click

As everyone can see the list is long

( I didn’t even list everyone…lol)

but, somehow we’re gonna get it done!!! 

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