It’s messed to know that the people who are supposed to be the closest ones to me… fight me every step of the way. 

I didn’t think that going back to school would cause divisions between me and my family and me and my UNDERSTANDING’S Father but it has. 

I wish I was invisible right now… I might as well be. As I’m writing this, this dude is going on and on about how I didn’t stick to the plan and what not. I guess his plan for us was welfare, city-paid rent and laying up under each other all day while our SON plays by himself in the living-room. 

I don’t want that life for my UNDERSTANDING!!!

I want HIM to manifest all that is in HIM 

I will not be the one who holds HIM back from what he’s destined to BE

Even if that means walking away for good…

HE deserves better than a selfish ass dad… 





I will not let no man bring HIM down!

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