The Egyptian Benu (Phoenix)…

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According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum. It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris.

Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”, and “Lord of Jubilees”; the latter epithet referred to the belief that the Bennu periodically renewed itself like the sun. Its name is related to the Egyptian verb wbn, meaning “to rise in brilliance” or “to shine.”

I identify with the Egyptian Bennu (Phoenix) because my life has been one of constant rebirth… As I continue on my journey of knowledge of self and community… elements of my lower self die off… I am again reborn, rising from the ashes of an old consciousness, evolving into a being who has a broader world sense, a higher level of consciousness. I am on a continuous journey of attaining a life lived in the higher self, so that I too may dwell with the Immortals in this life and the next. 

I no longer wish to have a broader world view – I am on a mission of instilling in my people a higher and broader world sense as taught by the ancients. I accept that I am a sense-ual being, of the highest degree – I am no longer shy about my passion, my fire, my love for my people… For them I will do great things and help to get my people on the right path, the path to once again being the GODS and GODDESSES we have for so long been far removed from…. HOTEP!




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