It was unexpected 

though I don’t regret it

I had a meeting of the minds 

Intellectually stimulating beyond anything ever physical – 

confuses me

my heart right now longs for another God


this here is different

a meeting of the minds

spirtual exctasy 

atoms exploding 

spiritual excasty

I’m nervous and scared 

the ol’ God showed me what I want … and now…

here He is before me… 

a meeting of the minds

already on the same page –

longing for what I know will be more than a meeting

more than a meeting of the minds

it’s inevitable – 

or will we both be surprised


this time around 

we do things right 

even despite

us both having a hard time following the rules 

yeah… that’s my TRUth too. 

This was so….  Unexpected.

And I truly can’t help it

my brain is on fire… 

I’ve never felt this way before

But –

this is how EYE feel

yes, i am well aware

He may not SEE me in that LIGHT…

or maybe

He does and He’s just as scared… 

I hate this – all of this – 

feeling like I’m high-school


well actually stomach turning

so nervous so scared

heart racing 

I hate this …lol… 

no I don’t…lol…

I appreciate every chance I get to experience love…

it keeps me young

having the ability to let old wounds heal

having the ability to see others for themselves

not through the lens of my past

I like falling in love

making connections that are real for that moment and purpose in time…