Thoughts & Meditations…

We don’t need money to make the Real changes that are needed in this world

We just need those strong enough and those who Love Us All enough to make the sacrifices needed in order to go out into the world and bring us back what we need


Love is the the Highest Law of the Universe

The Beast knows this Truth

The Beast is doing its best to keep us separated, keep us alienated from One Another

But, the Beast knows that its time is now coming to an end

Love is Love

Despite all that the Beast has done to Us and will try to do to Us 

It cannot separate Us from our Loved Ones

Now Let Us All Heal And Rise From The Ashes Of Our Former Selves

#HigherLiving #HigherConsciousness #HigherSelf#ThePath #HipHopIsTheHealer #UZNIsTheVehicle#TheGreatUnification #WhatWasTakenFromUsWillNowBeReturnedToUs #AncientMysteries #GreaterMysteries#Initiation #MasterTeachers #UniversalBuilders#Janitors #Warriors #AllowMeToBringYourBabiesHomeToYou #TheyHaveWhatWeNeed

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