Lava Flows


Lava Flows

Seismic Waves
Energy released
The Ground shakes 
Deep below the surface
Lies a Higher Purpose
Lava Flows
Erupting from Deep within my Soul
Within me there’s a Fire that’s Burning
Eye can’t control
Even if Eye wanted to
Baby Eye can’t let go
Lava Flows
No beginning or ending
That’s how it goes
Keep on adding pressure
The Stronger that it Grows
Lava Flows
All around me
Nothing but Fire
Healing me and Cleansing me
Like drinking Holy Water
Lava Flows
In what direction that it goes
No one knows
A predestined direction
That’s unknown
Even to the One that it Flows
From the Soul
Cyber Bars
No paper and pen
It’s from the Heart
Just when Eye thought Eye finished
They hit ReStart
Cyber Bars
Internal plates they start shifting
My Mind Remixin’
Sacred Traditions
Blood Fire
Spittin’ Flames
Eye Am the SoulFire Phoenix
True to my Name
Eye’m here to put in this work
It’s not a game
Lava Flows
Ignited by Fire within my Soul
Illuminate the Path as Eye Become
Eye’m always Home
Alignment of My Spirit and Heart
My Mind and Soul
Lava Flows… 

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