SoulFire Celestial Designs ~ Phoenix Flower Collection/Spring 2019

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SoulFire Celestial Designs

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Phoenix Queens


The Letter P
Stands for Phoenix Queens
Yes that’s Who We Be
Let me break it down 
Let me Teach what it really means
Passionate in all we do
Souls on Fire keep us True
Purpose drives the things we do
Where ever we go
We Build and Move
Persistent we’re unlocking doors
Face a brick wall, we Build our own
Perfectly flawed
And that’s why we go so fuckin’ hard
Blazing Fire in the Streets
Take over the Corporate World
The perfect blend
The best of both worlds



Lava Flowin’ on these Beats
Bringing Fire
Bringing Heat 
The Ghetto Gospel of the Streets
Cause it’s time to starve the Beast
Too many starving while it eats
So many crying out for Peace
All the bullshit gotta to cease
Cyber Bars Eye drop for Free
Show the Culture what it needs
The Wisdom of the Queens
The Knowledge of the Kings
Examples for these Streets
Of Higher Innerstanding
It’s time for us to Elevate
Back to Temple Building
Hearts, Minds, Spirits and Souls
That’s why Eye let the Lava Flow
Which ever way that it Flows
Eye never know
But that’s my Spirit talking
Cause Eye live this and Eye walk it
Raised Up out the Duat
Given a second chance
Best believe it when Eye tell ya
Don’t mistake me for a fan
My mission is to give back
Any way that Eye can
As Eye keep on moving forward
Become One with my Path
Armed with the Decree of the Ancients
Eye Am

SoulFire Phoenix Queen
Wisdom Born Cipher
Hit you with that Medu Neter
Here to Raise you Higher
That Divine Speech
That makes you drop down to your knees
Giving Thanks and Praises to the One who Reigns Supreme
Injecting Fire in your Hearts
Show you how to plant those SeedZ
Build up another generation
That’s what we need
People of the Heavens
Descended upon Earth
Soul Contracts signed long before our Date of Birth
So far from perfect
But believe Eye know your Worth




They talk to me
In my Dreams
Giving sight to all Unseen
On the Path they Walk with me 
Stay Guiding me
Eye am a vessel they move thru me
Phoenix Queen
They keep on ReBirthing me
Cause Eye serve them Faithfully
Thankfully and Gratefully
With their Grace they’ve covered me
So all Eye do comes Naturally
From my Soul so fluidly
Phoenix Queen
Lava Flows erupt in me
Digging deep Eye found the Key
Ancestors Eye Honor Thee
Give Thanks to Thee
For everything you’ve done for me
In the Duat you put your Hands on me
Anointed me
Took control of me
Soul on Fire Constantly
That’s why there’s no stopping me
Just a vessel for things that you want to Cee
SoulFire Phoenix Queen
Attributes you gave to me
Even right now You write thru me
Your Healing Fire flows thru me
Your Living Waters sustains me
Your Holy Earth stay Grounding me
Your Divine Words are the Air Eye breathe
Forces of Nature Within me
The All who are the One
And the One’s in me
Eye Thank the Creator who Reigns Supreme
Conversations in my Dreams
Always Teaching me
Reveal Truth to me
Phoenix Queen
Eye was meant to Be
Wisdom Born is my Decree
Knowledge and Understanding

Maa Kheru (True of Voice)/Mdw Ntr: The Divine Speech Project


Maa Kheru (True of Voice)
Mdw Ntr: The Divine Speech Project

Wisdom Born AmaZulu yeah that’s me
Also known as the Phoenix Queen 
Still moving forward with the Mysteries
Spreading Love with my Divine Speech
The Ancestors came and they said to me
Stop holding back
Start Living your Dream
We already showed you your Destiny
Now Fly my Child
Live Wild and be Free
Eye had do the Work
Eye had to dig Deep
Get back to my Center
Get back to Knowing me
Get back to my Core
Get back to Lovin’ me
Eye had to work on my Self
Eye had to Change Me
And now Eye am ready to help others be
Free from all the pain
Free from all the sorrow
Time to let it go
Cause there’s always Tomorrow
So as long as the Sun still Shines
The past no longer matters you can always Rise

True Music has always been Built to last
Sometimes it takes a while
Recognition is seldom fast
There are many inches in a mile

Everything that you want to happen
Is not gonna happen the way you want it to
And that’s alright just stay True to you
Don’t worry continue to Be you
Keep walking the Path and don’t ever stop
Keep walking the Path don’t let the ball drop
Some will try to stop you
Some will even doubt you
And that’s okay just as long as you don’t doubt you
Some Truth from my Journey
No need to rush or move in a hurry
It takes Time to Build
When you’re Building Right
So Move By Spirit and not by sight
Darkness will fade
And bring Forth your Light
So just stay focused
You’re gonna be alright
Keep walking the Path
And don’t ever stop
Keep walking the Path
Don’t let the ball drop

True Music has always been Built to last
Sometimes it takes a while
Recognition is seldom fast
There are many inches in a mile