SoulFire Soul Sessions Master Class Series

South Afrikan House, Breakbeat Hardcore, Jungle, Drum N Bass, Avante-Garde Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, KRUMP Freestyle Sessions

SoulFire Soul Sessions Master Class Series is inspired by South Afrikan House duo Black Motion’s album Moya wa Taola, which means Spirit of the Bones in Sepedi… a perfect description of the Essence and dance style of SoulFire Soul Sessions Creator Benu Xanamara Ma’at aka SoulFire Phoenix WisdomBorn AmaZulu… Follow #SoulFire #SoulSessions on Facebook @

Black Motion ft. Tabia ~ Prayer for Rain 🔥🔥🔥 SoulFire Soul Sessions🔥🔥🔥 #SAHouse🔥🔥#FreestyleSession 


UZN 46



The title of this song is inspired by the founding fathers of the Zulu Clan and it is a direct representation of the Zulu culture through its Afrocentric Elements and spiritual sounds within the track. To the founders of both the Universal Zulu Nation and Hip Hop Culture… Thank You!!!

Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2019 #FOCUS


I am happy to announce that it is now Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2019!!! This year’s theme is #FOCUS!!! This is a time when those True to the Culture of Hip Hop take the time to celebrate and show their appreciation for the Culture that has given so much to so many… the Culture that has changed the Lives of so many. Click on the link below to learn more about the history and origins of Hip Hop Appreciation Week:

Focus: Hip Hop Appreciation Week 2019



SoulFire Celestial Designs ~ Phoenix Flower Collection/Spring 2019

Been working with pastels lately… to see more of my work check my page on Facebook

SoulFire Celestial Designs

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Wu-Tang Clan District in NYC!!!


New York City officially named the streets of Park Hill, the Staten Island neighborhood some members of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan hail from, the Wu-Tang Clan District… Click on the link for more…

New York City officially gets a Wu-Tang Clan District 


I’m Loving Me Project Interview with Benu Xanamara Ma’at


Founded in 2018, the goal of the I’m Loving Me Project is to share the stories of 1 million women in order to encourage, inspire, and empower all women. Earlier this year on January 5th I’m Loving Me Project team member LaTasha Monique, founder of Mommy Morebucks, interviewed SoulFire Phoenix Queen, Phoenix Queens of the Nation  and Cipher of the Master Teachers founder Benu Xanamara Ma’at for a very honest and open discussion about transformation, rebirth and the importance of advocacy and giving back to others… Click on the link below to check it out!!!

I’m Loving Me Project Interview with Benu Xanamara Ma’at

In Greek Mythology, a phoenix is a bird that is born again from its own ashes. Benu Xanamara Ma’at discusses how the bird relates to her and how she helps others in the community be reborn after life takes you down unexpected paths. Please check out her page to stay informed of Benu’s work.