As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…

Eye come to a Period of Time
Hidden by Darkness
A Period of Time
Hidden beneath
The Fog of My Mind

As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…

Scenes from Days of Old
From a Period of Time
That Escapes My Mind

Here You Go
Here’s a Peek into Your Past
Too quick
Too quickly They do Flash
In the Forefront of My Mind
From a Period of Time
Hidden Beneath and Within
The Darkness and the Fog
The Fog
Flickers of Light
Taking Me Back
To Who Eye was Before

As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…

Eye close My Eyes
And Inhale Deeply

As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…

It’s the Exhale
That Truly Pains Me

The letting Go of
Places and

That Eye can’t even Recall as Memories
Being so disconnected
To Who Eye used to Be
Other Wordly
Is the Experience of Me
Wandering and Wondering
Awakened and Initiated
But in ways still fast asleep

As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…

Eye Begin to Create My Own Eyedentity
One that Empowers Me
And Others
Always the Others…

As Eye continue to Innerstand
All that Makes Me Who Eye Am…
Eye Innerstand My Purpose for Being.

Hip-Hop Pedagogy Community Education Workshop Series…


Hip Hop Culture is a reverberation of centuries-long resistance to oppression by Black and Brown people in the Americas. Born in the Bronx from meager beginnings; emerging from the ghetto streets plagued by poverty and violence, Hip Hop is now a medium that empowers people across the globe. However, the Hip Hop Industry and, to some degree, the world of Hip Hop Education are no longer held accountable to the people. This Program seeks to reconnect the most influential parts of Hip Hop with the streets it was born from.
– Zulu King K~Swift

The Hip-Hop Pedagogy Community Education Workshop Series is designed to promote the multidisciplinary pedagogy of Hip-Hop Culture. Recognizing Hip-Hop as a major influence on youth culture today, this workshop series will inspire participants through the Five Elements of Hip-Hop Culture. Workshops will expose families to vital resources and services that will enable them to build up themselves and surrounding community.
– Zulu Queen Benu Ma’at

Location: East Bronx Academy Community School                                                                                                                                    1716 Southern Blvd, Bronx, New York 10460

Directions: Uptown #2 and #5 Trains to 174th Street Stop

For More Information and to Sign Up for The Hip-Hop Pedagogy Community Education Workshop Series Contact:

The Phoenix Queens of the Nation @                                                                          or                                                                                                                                                                                   Contact Zulu Queen Benu Ma’at @

Program Duration: 6 weeks Beginning Friday March 13th and Ending Friday May 1st

Workshop Series is Free And Open to the Public… All Ages Are Welcome!!!

March Dates and Times:
3/13, 3/20, 3/27 5pm – 9pm

April Dates and Times:
4/3, 4/4, or 4/10, 4/11 – Spring Break Field Trip – (Details Announced During Workshop)
4/17, 4/24 5pm – 9pm

May Dates and Times:
Program Final Project
Elements of Culture: Art Showcase and Open Mic
5/1 5pm – 9pm (Time Subject to Change)

Dear Mother Goddess by Kurt Kacich


Dear Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess who brought me to this Earth, 

Dear, my mother goddess who created me from birth,

Shine your light through me first,

Because without you, the world wouldn’t be everything it’s worth,

Hold me in your arms while I awake to rebirth,


Dear Mother Goddess so beautiful and true,

As I awake I see all Five Elements and within them I see you,

From the blazing flames of fire to the water so blue,

The wind blows forever in spirit as I look at you,

My Mother Goddess so beautiful and true,


Blessed be everything I see all around me,

Blessed be the beauty of nature that surrounds me,

With my hand in yours without you I wouldn’t see,

This pinnacle of good over evil in this world of glee,

Dear Mother Goddess, I love you, blessed be.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ten Virtues of the Ancient Mystery System

Virtues 1

Virtues 2

Virtues 3

Virtues 4

Virtues 5

Virtues 6

Virtues 7.1

Virtues 7

Virtues 9

Virtues 10

Coronus, The Terminator – FlyingLotus

Coronus, The Terminator

By: Flying Lotus

Let go of the pain

Cause I’m Out To Save You

Letting go of the pain

Cause I’m Out To Save You

The Days of Man are coming to an End

So Come With Me

If You want to Live

You come from a time

Where They Look the Same


Think the Same too

There’s nowhere left to go

So I’m Out To Save You

That All Want To Be Saved

My Hands Been Bloody Since The Day I Came

It’s such a shame

You’ve seen My violent side

So letting go of the pain

Cause I’d like to Save You

2nd Annual At-Risk Intervention & Prevention Conference


At-Risk Flyer Final

The 2nd Annual At-Risk Intervention & Prevention Coference is designed to provide the Lehman College community with the opportunity to have an open dialogue with community activists and organizations about issues that effect our communities. Topics discussed will be but are not limited to:

1) Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence

2) Homelessness

3) Police Brutality

4) Youth Advocacy

5) Youth Criminalization

6) Re-Entry Population

7) Mass Incarceration


Program Overview


Breakfast Meet & Greet – Opening Remarks

9:30am – 10:30am

Myriah Rose


Lehman College Alum

ClassAction Student Group Alumni Coordinator



Intervention & Prevention

Panel Discussion

10:30am – 12:00pm

Marika Turano


“The Word Is Love”

A Documentary Film



Zulu Malika Benu Ma’at

ClassAction Student Group

Founding President/Program Coordinator

UZN Dept. of Community Affairs

Program/Project Coordinator

UZN Chosen Chapter 33

Community Affairs Coordinator



Daniel “Majesty” Sanchez

Justice Committee:

Bronx Cop-Watch Coordinator

UZN Chosen Chapter 33



Brother Tarik

UZN Department of Community Affairs

Original Black Panther Party NYC


Jason Jayology

Lehman College Alum

Actor, Director, Producer & Writer

“Price of Silence”



Amir Varick

Lehman College Alum

Social Justice Activist



At-Risk Intervention & Prevention Luncheon

Special Presentation By

Marika Turano

12:00pm – 2:00pm


Elements of Culture:

Art Showcase & Open Mic Session

2:00pm -5:00pm


Featured Artist:

Imani Vidal

Stolen Lives and Resurrection Photographic Experience

“Stolen Lives and Resurrection -The Impact of Police Brutality in the Bronx” is a photographic experience by photographer and Bronx resident Imani Vidal. It features five mothers: Constance Malcolm mother of Ramarley Graham, Ana Cuevas mother of Reynaldo Cuevas, Juanita Young mother of Malcolm Ferguson, Iris Baez mother of Anthony Baez and Margarita Rosario mother of Anthony Rosario and Aunt of Hilton Vega.


Featured Performers:

Sudden Chemistry



Spoken Word Artist


Queen C

Spoken Word Artist


Special Workshop Facilitator:

Daniel “Majesty” Sanchez

Justice Committee:

Bronx Cop-Watch Coordinator

UZN Chosen Chapter 33

Rhinocerous Woman By Assata Shakur


Rhinocerous woman
who nobody wants
and everybody used.
They say you’re crazy
cause you not crazy enough
to kneel when told to kneel.

Hey, big woman –
with scars on the head
and scars on the heart
that never seem to heal –
I saw your light
and it was shining.

You gave them love.
They gave you shit.
You gave them you.
they gave you hollywood.
They purr at you
cause you know how to roar
and back it up with realness.

Rhinocerous woman,
big momma in a little world.
You closed your eyes
and neon spun inside your head
cause it was dark outside.

You read your bible
but god never came.
Your daddy woulda loved you
but what would the neighbors say.

They hate you momma
cause you expose their madness.
And their cruelty.

They can see in your eyes
a thousand nightmares
that they have made come true.

Black woman. Baad woman.
Wear your bigness on your chest like a badge
cause you done earned it.

Strong woman. Amazon.
Wear your scars like jewelry
cause they were bought with blood.

They call you mad.
And almost had you
believing that shit.

They called you ugly.
And you hid yourself
behind yourself
and wallowed in their shame.

Rhinocerous woman –
this world is blind
and slight of mind
and cannot see
how beautiful you are.

I saw your light.
And it was shining.

– Assata Shakur