Order of the Phoenix Rites of Passage Program


The Order of the Phoenix Rites of Passage Program is designed as a preventive measure – catching at-risk children and youth early and giving them the education, skills, support, nurturance, structure and direction they need in order to overcome obstacles as they transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Open to boys and girls ages 6 – 17, members of the Order of Phoenix Rites of Passage Program, will attend retreats, fieldtrips, group mentoring, academic tutoring, life skills building and case management. Participants will be able to organize and perform in our Hip-Hop Cultural events, participate in STEM programs and activities, organize and perform community service projects, and build academic and art portfolios for future use, specifically for college entry.

A key component to this organization, our the Order of the Phoenix Rites of Passage Program for Children and Youth, will provide the supportive, nurturing environment they need in order to learn, grow, and thrive in Life.